Preparing to get back to work after Lockdown

Are your people ready to return to work? Are you ready to help your people back into the workplace? What’s changed during lockdown? What do you want to do differently now? How will your people cope with going back to work? …

Every business needs to answer these questions as they restart and ramp up activities after lockdown. ‘To-Do’ lists seem to have grown over the lockdown and that will only get worse as we transition to whatever the new ‘normal’ will be.

The virus and the lockdown have affected people differently. As an employer, you have the responsibility to understand the concerns your people have, and as a business person you have to work out how to rebuild and re-energize your team, so they can rebuild productivity and get the company back on track.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to continue through the lockdown, then how has that affected your people?

We recommend a 5-Step Plan to help ease your people back into the post-lockdown world, and make sure they don’t suffer from the effects of the lockdown into the future.

Step 1 – Identify what’s changed and what changes you want to make
Step 2 – Understand how the pandemic has affected your people (individually and as a group)
Step 3 – What does ‘Covid-Secure’ mean to your business and are you ready?
Step 4 – What support do you need to provide for your people and how will you provide it?
Step 5 – How do you rebuild your company culture and regain momentum?

Don’t forget to think about about what support YOU need and where YOU will get that support from.

The pandemic has affected everyone. Many businesses have suffered, but we can make the pandemic work for us and help us build a better future for our businesses and our people. We are at an inflection point. We can take the opportunity to change or we can struggle to rebuild something that may never be the same as it was, before the pandemic. The world has changed, we can help you change with it and shape a brighter future.

People in Flow understand these issues and are committed to helping people get back to living and working in the post-pandemic world. Call us to chat about how we can help you, your business and your people move forward in the brave new world.

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