Time for Care …
Almost everyone has some connection with the adult care sector. Either from the delivery or receipt of care for themselves or a loved one. As the UK population ages, the care sector in the UK is becoming bigger and increasingly important.

The sector is populated with people who have made a decision to dedicate themselves to caring for others. Caring in a sustainable, commercial organization is highly complex, bringing together a multitude of disciplines all under the watchful eye of a stringent regulatory body.

Balancing the need to provide a safe and caring environment, record activities, keep records, administer the business, make sure there is food in the pantry, train staff who are ready and willing to work and much more is a very tough job. It’s amazing there is any time left for caring at all!

The top three time stealers in a care home:

• Early days attrition
• Data capture and administration
• Compliance, Audit and Purchasing

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