Consulting done differently.

People Support (HR) consulting is a specialism for People in Flow. In the aspects relating to people support including organisational impact, People in Flow bring you innovation and creative thinking to add significant value. We provide thought leadership delivered through the ‘Go Beyond’ principles, frameworks, and tool kits described in ‘Go Beyond’, written by our founder, Neville Pritchard and our Chief Researcher, Richard Scott.

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Read more about ‘Go Beyond’ here.

The ‘Go Beyond’ principles acknowledge the uniqueness of every organisation and the need for original, performance focused thinking, including the need to go beyond.

We can help you:

  • Go beyond people support data to generate rapid and deep insight.
  • Go beyond analytics and explore the real story.
  • Go beyond process and enable flow.
  • Go beyond performance management to enablement.
  • Go beyond training to achieve impact by encouraging personal responsibility.


The approaches and thought leadership provided help you to innovate and apply action to your unique organisation with, and for, your people.

You will benefit from reduced consulting time with focused surveys and rapid and deep insight provided by the People in Flow LBD system. The LBD provides enhanced insight into the perceived value being created in functions and departments.

Starting with your own HR functions, the approach can be developed and delivered internally to energise your workplace, enhance the sense of belonging beyond engagement and introduce new enablement approaches.

You benefit from our highly experienced consultants…

People in Flow simply do not believe in the ‘one solution for all’ approach. We offer a truly tailored service, developed with your organisation at the fore. Our consultants deliver greater value in a shorter time, at a lower cost.

People in Flow deliver real commercial value:

Budget savings of 60% with increased provision of service

Engagement scores up by 10% across the board

Dynamically improved management balance sheets