Courageous Conversations:

Productivity, sickness and engagement are effected by how we approach difficult discussions. During the Courageous Conversations training, you will learn to be heard and truly understood. Firstly, with you, we find key individuals and situations that may be blocking your effectiveness.

Without a doubt, the skills and confidence you gain will support honesty and respect. This, in turn, fuels timely and in detail feedback. Furthermore it encourages more innovative solutions. Finally, the course builds high performing teams.

Equally, the businesses that thrive in today’s market are the ones who are able to make the most of both the knowledge and skills of their people. This, ultimately, means going beyond standard communication and arming everyone with the skills to have difficult discussions at every level.

Additionally, when employees lack the skills to have the right discussion with the right person, the result can be far reaching. For example, destructive conversations beyond the workplace with clients, colleagues, friends, and family. In reality, all of this impacts reputation and results.

You will learn...

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