Employee engagement.

“Organisational Health is a multiplier of Financial Health.”

When staff feel discouraged and detached, low employee engagement shows in the work delivered. This, in turn, impacts the reputation of the company. Above all, it impacts financial performance.

In general, people want to do a good job. They also want to feel safe and supported. This is also what companies want from, and for, their employees. However, things happen to demotivate, also to increase risk, and the reality is often different.

Every workplace is different. Different people, locations, culture and values. But most companies have a common goal for work. In short, they want to help and encourage employees to be engaged, committed to their tasks, and to do their best.

In reality, employee experience begins at the start of recruitment. It continues through the on-boarding process, and beyond into daily life at work. 

Organisational health is a window into the real culture, values and employee engagement in your workplace.

An 'in-flow' workplace has:

To help you improve your employee engagement, we identify the things that may be getting in the way:

At first we help identify barriers and challenges, but also bring to the surface any ‘hidden wiring’. As a result, we highlight chances to improve performance and employee engagement. Above all, we facilitate transformation.

Following leading edge research, we built a strong framework in order to form an accurate picture. In addition to rapid online surveys and interviews we also use Management Balance Sheets. These focus, in detail, on the people experience balanced against results. We review people data throughout the employment life cycle. As a result, we build your Organisational Health Map. 

Action is the key in achieving your desired culture. During this phase we run our Transformation Labs to develop your Organisation Development Pathway. Throughout, we support you with team and individual coaching. The result is sustained change. 

People in Flow will help you to fully enable the biggest, yet most underused lever for performance improvement... your people!