Organisational Health is a multiplier for Financial Health.

When Organisational health is bad, and staff feel low, demotivated and not connected to their employer, this is reflected in the standard of work delivered, which impacts the reputation of the company and, ultimately, its financial performance.

We believe that the majority of people wake up in the morning with great intentions of going to work, doing a good job and then going home to spend time with their friends and loved ones, with the warm glow of having done a good job. This is exactly what companies want from their employees as well. The problem is that somewhere along the line, things happen to chip away at that intrinsic motivation and the reality is often very different.

Every working environment is different. It has different people, different locations, different culture and values, etc. But the vast majority of workplaces share a common goal of wanting to help and encourage employees and workers to be engaged and committed to their tasks and to do the best they can.

The employee experience begins with the first contact in recruitment and continues throughout the on-boarding process, into the organisation.

Organisational health is a window into the real culture and values of your workplace.

An 'in-flow' workplace will have:

  • Appropriate energy
  • High levels of engagement, motivation & sense of belonging
  • A depth of commitment
  • High productivity levels
  • Strong cultural alignment
  • Positive Management Balance Sheets
  • Individual well-being support
  • Low levels of staff attrition & stress related absence, with lower related people costs

To help you improve your organisational health, we identify the things that may be getting in the way:

We will work with you to identify the barriers and challenges that may be blocking you, but also to address any ‘hidden wiring’ and opportunities for improving people related performance.

We approach this in a number of ways, using a mix of online technology and focused research, including surveys, Management Balance Sheet reviews and interviews which focus on people experience. We review people data throughout the employment cycle. From this, we build your Organisational Health Map. 

Action is the key in achieving your desired culture. During this phase we use Transformation Labs to develop your Organisation Development Pathway. Throughout, People in Flow supplement support with team and individual coaching to deliver sustained  change. 

People in Flow will help you to fully enable the biggest, yet most underutilised lever for performance improvement... your people!