This workshop is delivered as a set of three 1 hour virtual training sessions, run on consecutive days.

The Virtual Team Working Essentials workshop gives attendees the information they need to successfully work as part of a team remotely.

The workshop looks at the essential skills for a team member, with a further emphasis on how working remotely impacts both the team members and the Team Manager. The subjects covered include:

  • A compelling direction – What is the purpose of the team? What are the boundaries? What is the challenge? Why does it matter?
  • A strong structure – Who is in the team? How diverse is it? What is the balance of social & Technical skills? Respect, Avoiding ‘groupthink’, Effective task assignment
  • A supporting environment – Information flow, rewards, education, development
  • Shared mindset – Avoiding ‘Us and them’ thinking, Developing a common identity and understanding

The workshop is aimed at Team members and team managers who want to understand what makes a team successful, and how to deal with the challenges of being in a team with added difficulty of working in a remote working environment.

The workshop covers each of these subject areas with a mix of presentation, interactive activities and all attendees receive reference materials with key hints and tips.

After attending this workshop you will have the information you need to:

  • Help your team develop it’s effectiveness
  • Reduce tension with the team
  • Avoid common pitfalls that divide teams
  • Set goals and allocate tasks appropriately
  • Check your team has everything it needs to succeed

The workshops can be supported by 1:1 and team coaching to help embed the behaviours needed for successful development as a manager.