FUN in the Workplace?

Your Workplace, Your World!

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There are so many considerations and time being devoted to well-being and one that is continuously cited is a need for ‘fun.’ Consider your workplace, is it fun? Is it enjoyable? Is the work itself fun and/or enjoyable? For context is all – and we are all different.

Imagine the manager, armed with average to low ‘engagement’ scores deciding ‘we’ll have some fun days – let’s have sports days and everyone will be happy!’ – actual quote, names withheld to protect the guilty. It is time to take things seriously if fun is to thrive….

How much do you know about than people you work with? What is their dominant energy, what makes them tick? What would they consider to be fun, how would they prefer the workplace to be if it is to be an enjoyable place to be. Stan Slap once reported that we spend significantly more time travelling to, from, being at and thinking about work than anything else – and half of anything else is sleeping. HR in flow have developed a ‘Your Workplace = Your World’ programme of support. It helps to identify and define a working environment, culture, set of values and ethos to suit any energy within the context of your needs. It helps to frame enablement and performance within Your context. Nothing wrong with the pool table as in the picture or the table tennis table if it is acceptable to all. But for everyone that it pleases, how many does it disengage? You are always seeking an environment that enable optimal performance from all.

Why does it matter?

Well, if you take Sutermeister’s (1976) definition of productivity as ‘output per employee hour, quality considered’, productivity is essential to the success of your organisation. It describes how much work is getting done, and how good that completed work is. Important stuff! It makes sense then to keep track of anything that could impact productivity in your workplace. Economists at the university of Warwick found that unhappy workers proved 10% less productive than their happier counterparts. They also discovered that individuals who marked themselves as happy in the workplace showed a 12% increase in productivity. Unhappy workers are not simply the staff members who seldom crack a joke or opt out of the office ping pong tournament. They are also far more likely to be unwell or often absent. An obvious issue for your workplace and productivity!

You may be wondering who else benefits from staff members enjoying an impromptu game of monopoly or charades every now and then or an opportunity to work more autonomously, or the continual development towards expertise or a chance to contribute to change. The answer is simple: the effects of engaged and happy staff can be seen throughout an entire organisation from top to bottom. Different people with different personal priorities thrive with different support, recognition and encouragement.

So, what does all this mean, and how can we help you to increase fun for everyone and enjoyment, even fulfilment and, in turn, productivity? We understand that each organisation is unique and has its own set of objectives and needs. Copying ‘best practice’ rarely works as it is simply common practice – often unmeasured and even if it is, the results relate to the context of the people in that organisation.

There is no need to conform, transform! This is a topic and, more importantly, a performance lever that deciding the answer (e.g. sports day or games tables) and then looking for the question just will not work beyond a superficial ‘well its better than working’ feeling. There is a need for insight first, then considered and objective analysis into your individual organisation wellbeing, your team, and your future. Then, to consider against what you are trying to achieve e.g. ‘an energised environment of high trust and low stress,’ ‘collaborative and supportive management’, ‘the taking of responsibility,’ and ‘a commitment to others’ – where employees are engaged and, ultimately, having FUN, ENJOYING YOUR WORKPLACE and YOUR WORLD!

Opportunity to enjoy enhances many people related measures and environments. It requires a serious review with Insight, to generate Impact and Flow.

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