Leading for the Future:

Shaping future leaders is a key skill. Undeniably, this goes beyond leading the organisation for now, and also driving for immediate results.

It, undeniably, needs deep business acumen, collaboration towards a shared vision, the ability to encourage innovation and a mindset that embraces change.

This course is for future leaders and key players who need to inspire and instil a clear view of an agreed future. 

This course offers challenges and explores the skills required to lead. Similarly, this course addresses what is needed from an executive team of the future. 

Additionally, this course explores:

  • – A structured approach to appreciating context. This is done through practical exploration of strategic frameworks.
  • – An effective method to aligned vision. Including both in detail descriptions and clear focus.
  • – A template to create compelling communications that combine clear views of the big picture, whilst ensuring practical and focused strategy.
  • – Ways to innovate the change pathway.

You will learn...

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