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Cultural Alignment Workshop:

People in Flow utilises an energy focused framework to facilitate a review of your culture in and across workplaces.

We help you identify opportunities for change and progress.

Culture & Subcultures:

What do you want, and what do you need?

What are your fundamental must-haves in terms of behaviours and energy?

Where can workplace energy vary appropriately within your framework?

Who makes the difference and how can you ensure your unique in-flow workplace?

We provide genuine people expertise and experience in building energised workplaces and successful teams.

Be what you are!


Difference is good. It fuels workplace energy.

The key to maximising the impact of difference is to understand, respect and value it.

In establishing any energised culture, there is a need to embrace difference.

We provide deep insight, learning solutions and coaching for individuals and teams to enable all aspects of difference. This all works towards enhancing your in-flow organisation.

Energy Focused Transformation Labs:

These are developed further within the transformation labs.

Here we facilitate the optimal prioritised plans for action.

Hidden Wiring:

We help you to appreciate the extent to which this is negative and/ or positive in every nook and corner of your company.

Where is the flow? Where is the flow blocked?

In-Flow Workplace:

A workplace that looks, sounds and feels full of appropriate energy. An in-flow workplace will be positive, healthy, low in stress, with high trust and high productivity. It will have a strong sense of belonging, commitment and a clear desire to collectively succeed.

It is integrated, informed, coordinated and collaborative in all aspects of activity.

There is an absence of ego and internal politics.

We provide insight and expertise to support you in ensuring your in-flow workplace; one that reflects the culture you expect and need – one that enables your success.

Intended Impact Framework:

People in Flow have a proven framework with which to explore ad reinforce your impact.

We work with you on purpose, vision, mission and intent. We will first look at the workplace flow required to achieve all of these things.

We ensure total involvement and management of communication that ensures sustained and intended impact.

Intended Impact Grid Template:

This is the base-plate used by People in Flow to ensure that flow is felt in your organisation, from purpose all the way through to actions.


This is your shorter-term ‘reason to be’.

Your driver of critical actions and tasks to achieve the results that you need.

It also helps define what, who, where & how your people need to act. As well as the capabilities needed to do so.

LBD (Learning Beyond Data) System:

This is the People in Flow vehicle for exploring full company and department temperature.

Management Balance Sheet:

Despite decades of research, the most common reason for staff leaving an organisation is still their manager.

In-flow leadership can help to address this, yet the reason to act requires new thinking.

Our management balance sheet helps to pinpoint opportunities for positive change.

It also adds laser focus to development.


The ability to adapt, learn, adopt and perform quickly to meet new challenges with confidence.

This is a foundation skill for success in the future.

Operational Excellence:

We start with you, and your business, exploring your unique needs and also promote functional expertise within your People Support Centre.

Organisation Health Map:

The People in Flow health maps provide an expert analysis of the current state.

The analysis enables cross-organisation action to ensure the workplaces most likely to achieve your intended results.

Organisation People Support:

This is currently referred to as Human Resources (HR). Yet, what is it?

HR comes with history, and our research shows that this may not always be positive!

We believe that the language in business should be simple and reflect better what is done. You don’t DO human resources, but what you do do is provide people with support throughout the organisation, at every level.

Within People Support we have identified three groups of activity:

Organisation Health

Operational People Support

People Development

This is not purely pedantic! It is part of meeting the challenge of perception. The value of strong and proactive Organisation People Support can transform performance, workplaces and also culture.

People Development:

We help you to go beyond vendor driven research and deliver development support. We do this in ways that will have the most impact on your organisation.

With you, we review, refine and build learning and development strategies.

We also explore and implement operating frameworks and technology support. Additionally, we ensure that you are providing innovative combinations and opportunities to learn and impact individual, team and workplace flow.

At the heart of the training support we provide is flow. In flow personal impact, in flow team development, and in flow leadership.

At the heart of the training support we provide is flow.

People in Flow Surveys:

Bespoke, deep, energy and workplace insight beyond the norm.

These include full, snapshot and focused surveys which ensure appropriate, impactful and measured action.


What really matters? What is working well?

Productive, energised and balanced are all words that point to engaged and committed people who will do their best for your organisation.

This is productivity in action.


This is the ‘why’ for your organisation.

It is the long-term ‘why’ that is the key driver of intent, strategies, alignment and energy.

Staff Attrition:

This is the number of staff leaving your organisation over a period of time.

Reducing this, re-energising and re-focusing your people can have a huge impact on margins.

We provide workplace insight and actions to support you in achieving reduced attrition.


This can be physical, emotional, psychological, neurological, social and beyond.

Our founder has said ‘Organisational health, when related to people, is a multiplier of financial health’.

It starts and ends with the health of your people, in every dimension.

We help you to provide greater awareness and frameworks to deliver support in and across each element of wellbeing.

Wellbeing Support:

We provide a full 360 degree analysis of the impact of current initiatives.

We explore every dimension of individual, team and organisation wellbeing in terms of people.

Where are your hot-spots, your risks, your successes, your lower returns and your opportunities for enhanced impact?

Workplace Energy:

To what extent is the energy of your workplace calling people in? Are you keeping people, enabling them and inspiring them to action?

What does your workplace energy need to be to do so?

We can help you to define, refine and enable the energy that your unique workplace needs.