‘Going Beyond’ Expectations.

Going Beyond with Service…                                

It is always good to every now and then recognise things that are good. There is a tendency to look for reasons ‘why not,’ from judging within the learning transfer process to assessment centres to daily interactions with others. ‘what is wrong’ is too often the dominant workplace mindset over ‘what is right.’   Performance managed or enabled? What is your role with those with whom you have collective responsibility to deliver results through the execution of actions and tasks?

It is an absolute pleasure to write an unsolicited story of simply fantastic service and of a team who delivered well beyond expectation.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of facilitating a senior and executive team development event at the Bliss Hotel, Southport, UK. The staff, including the fabulous room service robot, worked tirelessly as a team to provide guests with a memorable experience.   

They demonstrated:

  • A collective responsibility for the quality of service they provided, all wanting to do well and we evidenced:
    • New staff being trained by colleagues with smiles and the use of positive language that demonstrated respect and delight that they were joining the team
    • A desire to deliver to our needs in terms of refreshments, work room snacks, supplies of water and tea/coffee, IT support and stationery.
    • Working across teams to ensure communication of our programme and needs were coordinated and delivered
  • The management enabling people to take decisions within a framework of service quality, highlighting clarity, consistency and care.
  • All staff communicating with positive energy and a delight in delivering their personal and team value to us.
  • A clear wish to be as good as possible.
  • A commitment to the standards and purpose of their contribution.
  • An awareness of any special needs.
  • Care – as examples: when one of our team ordered a vegan starter with sweet potato fries, the young waitress came back to clarify that the fries were fried on a non-vegan oil. When arriving on the second morning, the IT person was repairing the screen that the room host had seen was disconnected when delivering the arrival refreshments.
  • A consistency across the hotel in terms of attitude, responsiveness, proactive support and positive energy.

The standards were a direct consequence of informed, enabling and insightful leadership and the committed response of the staff clearly demonstrated the value of such approaches. The People Support framework provided by their People function and embraced by the local leadership is an enabling one, going beyond the tick box and rewarding the experience provided by the team.

They enabled us to focus fully on our purpose and intent and to do so within an environment that reinforced the art of the possible.

Well done and thank you to the team at the Bliss Hotel, Southport. A team who were very much ‘In Flow.’

Neville Pritchard.

Founder and Chair.

People in Flow Ltd.


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