This workshop is delivered as a set of three 1 hour virtual training sessions, run on consecutive days.

The Virtual Courageous Conversation Essentials workshop gives attendees the information they need to successfully identify, organize and hold difficult conversations in a remote working environment.

The workshop looks at the challenge of holding those difficult discussions in a remote working environment.

The subjects covered include:

  • What are Courageous Conversations? – Types of conversation (negative performance feedback, addressing poor behaviour …), Why are they hard to deal with?
  • Communication Styles – The communication process, Listening, Barriers to communication, social styles, Cultural difference and bias
  • Behavioural Styles – identifying styles, working with different styles
  • Structure and Approach – Planning for the conversation, what to focus on, do’s and don’ts, following up

The workshop is aimed at everyone who needs to hold a difficult conversation. The content is a summary of our 1 Day classroom course, with additional material focussed on the added complexity of managing Courageous Conversations in a remote working environment.

The workshop covers each of these subject areas with a mix of presentation, interactive activities and all attendees receive reference materials with key hints and tips.

After attending this workshop you will have the information you need to:

  • Understand the circumstances when a Courageous Conversation needs to take place
  • Understand how people communicate differently
  • Understand how people behave differently and how the styles of behaviour interact
  • Confidently hold a difficult discussion

The workshops can be supported by 1:1 and team coaching to help embed the behaviours needed for successful development as a manager.