‘Go Beyond’, the industry leading HR book, by Neville Pritchard & Richard Scott

‘Go Beyond’ explores the current state of HR, and closely focuses on areas where we might go beyond for greater impact.

Standard solutions and best practice are no longer enough. We must go beyond to find unique solutions for our own unique challenges.

Taking our profession to the next level will require more from us individually: our full energy, our best thinking, our  highest performance, and our commitment. 

New thinking, fresh insight, and fast experimentation is needed. 

It will require going beyond.

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Here is what our readers say...

'The author asks a vast array of highly relevant questions about the purpose/behaviours of modern HR functions. Favouring the term People Support the author holds a big mirror up to HR practitioners to ask them to evaluate their role within the business, how they are contributing to the business goals and how they might consider developing their role to meet the new challenges that will arise from key issues: mental well being, pay equality, Brexit, millennial engagement, performance and pay transparency are just a few of the topics covered'.
Carole Griffiths
'Having worked in HR for over 15 years in large corporates I can really identify with so many aspects of this book. It’s a very interesting and inspiring read. A must have for all HR teams (or should I say People Support!) who really want to make a difference. Highly recommended'.
C S Martin
'An excellent exploration of how HR professionals should “go beyond” and make themselves and their department an integral part of the strategy engine of a business. Real insights from two very well respected industry experts'.
C Jones
'Highly recommended, for anyone interested in people in organisations this book 'goes beyond' and provides a clear vision and set of practical steps to align people to meet future challenges. It strips away a lot of the jargon that mires HR and explores various people challenges and provides questions and steps to find the right solution in your organisation. For anyone working in a People function it is template to ensure that your work is valuable and has impact'.
Peter Casebow