Our HR consulting helps you refocus, regenerate and renew the impact of your People Support.

‘HR’ and ‘HR Consulting’ are some of the most divisive terms that can be uttered in the workplace!

There is often a difference in the perception of what the department does and its value to the business, compared to the reality. People outside of the department often have strong expectations of what HR should deliver. What’s more, this may vary wildly from the true purpose of the function.

In researching for ‘Go Beyond’, and as well as when working with clients, we have found that the gaps between perception and reality can significantly damage the HR department. Additionally, this can further impact the workplace for all. 

Our advisory service explores, with you, your strategy and operational structure. Its aim is to create a simple and unique ‘In-Flow People Support Framework’. In essence, we address common issues. For instance, speed of response, imbalances in activity and distribution of responsibility. We seek to increase efficiencies, coordination and collaboration across HR. All with enhanced alignment to the rest of your company.

In reality, we increase the impact of your HR activity.

The People in Flow 'HR Department 360' provides new insight.

As a result, in detail analysis kick-starts the refocusing process.

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Our HR consulting helps you to go beyond existing practice with: 

We recognise that all organisations are different. Because of this, our approach ensures your solution and delivery mechanisms are tailored to suit you.

Find out more about how People in Flow’s HR consulting can transform your impact.