Intelligence – What is Happening?

The words of a CEO that we spoke with recently resonated loudly on my return from a recent conference. The opening gambit from her were: ‘Why do we need them? What value do the people within HR contribute? They say they have people expertise, but it seems to me that they just have expertise in employment law and what we must do to comply. Shall we outsource them? – we can’t need that too often surely? Managers know their people after all.
Having attended a conference where over half of the exhibitors seemed to be offering what I would refer to as ‘defensive people support’ and over half of the sessions were introspective she may well have a point. Add to this the fact that there were few ‘Heads or Directors’ present and one starts to wonder where the innovation, the application of proactive expertise, or the acceptance of ‘people expertise’ as valuable insight beyond operational management natural awareness stands now.
Clearly this will vary from company to company although the hidden wiring within the inner management circles may not be as positively acknowledging as one might hope. Recent research utilising our functional 360 has shown some common issues and simple opportunities to increase the impact and perceived contribution from specialist people support and development roles.  Starting with the measures that matter situationally and throughout, what do we measure?

  1. Alignment and Integration
  2. Management and Credibility
  3. Efficiency and Commerciality
  4. Effectiveness and Sustained Impact
  5. Global consciousness (wider and deeper knowledge)

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The results of the simple yet focused 360 enable an objective and rapid insight into the current perceived impact of your efforts. It also highlights areas and opportunities to enhance the value of the people and performance framework you have within your unique organisation.
One major consideration is BALANCE. With attendance at events, with data quality, with reading and meeting to explore new thinking, and with ensuring your data matters, is reported and opens insight in and at a strategic level you need to create time. What are the time stealers now? Who can help? Where should you be when? Where is your own performance focused and what is measured? Does that generate the best balance?
These are just a few of the questions we can work through with quality information and an awareness of the possible.
For more on the opportunities the In Flow 360 can generate, please contact or call +44 (0) 1280 823 702 to discuss.
Neville Pritchard

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