• Course Code: PiF-LM-IFL004
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • CPD Points: Yes
  • Exam: No
  • Requirements: N/A

Leadership Course for Results:

Go beyond results to achieve your purpose and intent as an organisation. Most importantly, this leadership course will ensure your working environment can achieve the highest trust, lowest cost, improved productivity, reduced absence and also, attrition.

With only one result in mind it will either be achieved or not. So, what is the ultimate goal? To that end, what results will contribute to its achievement? How can you lead in an informed, integrated, collaborative and coordinated way to achieve your goal? How do you get further beyond ego and collectively achieve organisational intent? 

Enabling the working environment your organisation needs, undeniably, needs to start with a review of its definition. The long term-short term balance of activity and goal will be assessed. Next, we will help you to explore the impact of your current working frameworks. What your priorities, behaviours, culture, sub cultures and beyond are, need to be agreed upon – all relating back to the Why. 

As a result, this practical programme will, undeniably, supply a range of tools, templates, and techniques which you can apply to your work. 

You will learn...

  • Firstly, how to establish goals that align with the business’ intent.
  • Then, how to ensure your working environment achieves highest trust, lowest cost, enhanced productivity, reduced absence and attrition and higher advocacy.
  • Measurements of the current state and short-term balance of activities and goals.
  • Lastly, practical templates and tools to apply to your work.
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