• Course Code: PiF-LM-IFL002
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • CPD Points: Yes
  • Exam: No
  • Requirements: N/A

Leading Yourself:

Focus on the end result. 

Have purpose in what you want to achieve, understand why this is important. Consider what and who is or could be helping or stopping you from achievement.  Where can you develop? How can you make it happen?

This programme will incorporate the impact of personal and workplace values in your goals, recognise what drives success, both personally and in your working environment and enable you to stay focused when under the influence of external and internal factors.

You explore yourself, with a range of new self-efficacy products to help you appreciate your wiring. How you bring you to the requirements of problem solving, credibility, trust, working with others and your levels of resilience and interpersonal awareness. All enabling you to build upon your personal impact and influence in the workplace.

The workshop and additional learning options will further explore the considerations of your influence on others when seen to provide the time to develop and improve performance. It will help you to define the culture and associated values you need to personally thrive and that would engage others.

You will learn...

  • How to establish goals and achieve them.
  • Methods to keep you focussed when under pressure.
  • To explore yourself and understand your own, unique wiring.
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Find out how Leading Yourself can help you...

Train with Confidence.