• Course Code: PiF-LM- PII008
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • CPD Points: Yes
  • Exam: No
  • Requirements: N/A

Mind Mapping:

Mind mapping will enable you to focus your research, generate data, improve decision making and beyond. All these processes rely on organisation. Making sense of the myriad of information that you are bombarded with is not easy in the modern world. It can hinder your exploration of the real potential of your ideas. 

Being able to visually organise information can save you from the stress of information or idea overload. The hierarchical basis and identified relationships among pieces of the whole can enable a flow of thoughts that generates added value.

The mind map concept is recognised by most, but the skill of making the most of them are possessed by few. This programme helps you to discover the flow that can result, the enhanced potential value that can be generated from your thought and the impact that your considered proposals can bring.

You will learn...

  • How to focus and order your thoughts.
  • How to visually organise information to reduce stress and information overload.
  • How to create more considered proposals and documents.
  • The importance of flow.
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Find out how Mind Mappings can help you...

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