Nigel Girling Profile: Managing Director

Nigel Girling brings with him 25+ years of management experience and knowledge of various industries and sectors.

Nigel has spent more than 25 Years in the IT Industry starting in Software Development before moving into building and managing Professional Services businesses. He has worked in large corporations and small/medium businesses where he learned the importance of building great teams and then putting those people into the positions where they can be most effective.

His experience of working with HR professionals comes from the 13 years he spent as a Senior Manager and Director at Sun Microsystems, helping to build their Professional Services Businesses in the UK, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, the US and Australasia.  Nigel has lived and worked in a number different countries gaining insight into the importance of location and culture, but also learning about the dynamics of a team and the need to understand what drives people.

With full responsibility for the leadership and development of People in Flow’s future activity, Nigel plays a key role in achieving the company’s ambitious goals, as well as building upon the outstanding reputation for quality and client satisfaction.