Thinking differently. Doing things differently.

Our mission is to energise the workplace, reduce stress, and impact performance through people!

People who are energised and engaged have been shown to perform more positively at work, and also score more highly on satisfaction scales. We, therefore, work closely with you to release this value from your people, and to ensure that everyone benefits.

In short, we look at how you do things today, and use our frameworks, insight and experience to help you do things better tomorrow and in the future.

People in Flow - what do we do

Beyond agile, beyond lean, beyond disruption, beyond complexity!

Energise – Support – Develop

We help you to simplify People Support for your organisation, by focusing on the three key aspects of ‘In-Flow People Support’ ©.

People in Flow - insight

Organisational Health

The health of an organisation in relation to its people is a multiplier of financial health.

Providing new insight, analysis, facilitation and action support we help you to positively impact on your workplaces. We measure a range of people related considerations, intended performance drivers, management impact, department impact and service level perception.

People in Flow - impact

Operational People Support

The current state of each clients’ Organisation Health is sufficiently different to question standard HR approaches. With our functional 360 and focused HR review framework we help you to refocus, regenerate and renew the impact of all aspects of People Support.

People in Flow - flow

People Development

Our Learning Services combine: 

  • – Focused Coaching
  • – Training
  • – Facilitation of change

You can use these to develop your people, management and leadership capabilities. 

We measure what matters, provide insight, deliver impact and enable flow.

We bring the principles, approaches, tools and templates of the ‘Go Beyond’ frameworks as described in the book written by our Founder (Neville Pritchard) and Chief Researcher (Richard Scott). We go beyond lean; we go beyond standard approaches; we bring you innovative support, expertise and insight.