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Leading Across Boundaries - Domestic:

Undeniably, success relies on integration, collaboration and coordination. In this course, you will get a remote leadership framework. As well as this, you will learn, in detail, a strong base to explore the current state of your workplace. It also gives the potential for positive change across teams. This, ultimately, leads to enhanced impact.

This remote leadership course helps leaders whose success depends on leading across departmental and organisational boundaries, for instance.

It will examine:

  • – Firstly, the principles of collaboration.
  • – The development of a structured approach to stakeholder engagement.
  • – Negotiating for mutual success and to challenge customers and influencers.
  • – Develop a deep appreciation of stakeholder issues using a structured approach, in order to gain trust and buy-in.
  • – The development of IICC operating frameworks.
  • – Transformation labs.

You will learn...

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