Collaborative Creative Thinking:

Team creativity, most importantly, helps re-invent and also maintain market position. Firstly, we explore the need for teams to re-invent themselves to meet new challenges. Undeniably, in modern times creativity is a key to success. Equally, consider it’s importance when tendering and implementing any kind of project.

This course, importantly, acknowledges the need to collaborate as both internal teams and across the organisation.

This programme explores the 3 elements of team creativity and collaboration:

  • – Firstly, attitude and behavior of individuals
  • – Next, the clarity of purpose and required outcome
  • – Lastly, the ability to be creative,generating and build upon ideas

Moreover, the course is a fast and fun way to gather ideas and turn them into working projects using personal thinking and energy.

In brief, references include Daniel Pink, and Walt Disney, one of the most creative minds, and his imagineers.

We will also go beyond the standard approaches and examine the integration of mindfulness in the U Lab activity of MIT by Otto Scharma.

We go beyond what has been done before.

What’s more, be blown away at levels of creativity that will come from using these techniques.

You will learn...

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Find out how team creativity can help you...

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