Team Compass:

What makes an effective team? Importantly, what gets in the way of great teams? And what can People in Flow’s team training do to help?

You won’t find any rivers, or planks, or ziplines in this team training!

You will, however, be given a pragmatic and reality based, facilitated workshop. Throughout which, you will explore in detail the framework for effective and in-flow teams. You will build collective responsibility and learn applicable checks to take back to work.

Most importantly, this course ensures your team has the sustained impact which they are capable of!

You will learn...

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Find out how our team training can help you...

    Train with Confidence.

    It is important to note, all of our remote leadership courses will earn you CPD points. Click here to learn even more about our CPD Standards Office ‘Dual Accreditation’.

    For employees, above all CPD helps keep skills up-to-date. As well as this, it ensures the standard of qualifications. Furthermore, it adds to a sense of professional direction.