This workshop is delivered as a set of five 1 hour virtual training sessions, run on consecutive days.

The Virtual Management Essentials  workshop gives attendees the information they need to successfully manage people remotely.

The workshop looks at the essential skills for a new manager, with a further emphasis on how working remotely impacts both the manager and the subordinates. The subjects covered include:

  • Moving up to management – Leadership vs Management, Management styles, Mindset of a leader, Time management, Energy management
  • Interpersonal communication – The communication process, Listening, Barriers to communication, social styles, Cultural difference and bias
  • Delegation – What is delegation, Why delegate?, Why does delegation go wrong?
  • Motivation & Trust – What motivates people?, types of motivation, rewards, building and maintaining trust
  • Performance Feedback – Delivering positive and negative feedback, guidelines, common feedback models
  • Collaborating & Influencing – Sphere of influence, WIIFM, Influence vs Manipulation, principles of influencing others
  • Problem solving & Decision Making – Team roles, problem solving approach, decision making tools

The workshop is aimed at new managers who are having to learn how to deal with the challenges of managing people, combined with added complexity of managing in a remote working environment.

The workshop covers each of these subject areas with a mix of presentation, interactive activities and all attendees receive reference materials with key hints and tips.

After attending this workshop you will have the information you need to:

  • Understand the key differences between being an individual contributor and a manager
  • Communicate clearly in individual and group sessions
  • Set goals and delegate appropriately
  • Deliver positive and negative feedback effectively
  • Collaborate with and influence people within your organization
  • Frame decisions and a have an effective approach to problem solving

The workshops can be supported by 1:1 and team coaching to help embed the behaviours needed for a successful long-term transition to remote working.