People in Flow was founded to energise the workplace, reduce stress, and impact business performance through people.

A workplace where people are engaged, committed and motivated is always the goal. Achieving these things has an undeniably positive impact upon key measures and greatly improves the output of your organisation.

In reality though, we know that organisations sometimes need a bit of guidance to help them achieve what we have called the ‘in-flow’ workplace.

We can guide you towards your ideal workplace by using our ‘in flow people support’ framework.

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What We Do

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What We Do
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An In-Flow Workplace starts with having absolute clarity about the goals of an organisation and alignment with the values it lives and breathes as it conducts its business.

People in Flow work with you to align those organisation goals and values with every role and function. We can then help to you to understand what your target work environment will look, sound and feel like as a foundation for a positive employee experience.

During this phase we typically hold Strategy & Data Collection Workshops, analyse relevant people data, and use tools such as our Intended Impact Grids to ensure goal and process alignment throughout the business.

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Now we understand the goals and values of the organisation and have a clear picture of what the target workplace environment will look, sound and feel like to work in, we create an Organisational Health Map to capture the current situation.

To create the Map we gather data using a selection of tools including People in Flow surveys (which cover elements such as Engagement and Motivation, focused interviews and energy based workshops.

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At this point we work with you to design and implement your new workplace environment.  based on the Goals and Values of the organisation agreed in the first step. The Organisational Health Map (step two) helps us understand the nature of the change needed to move from the current state to the target environment.

In this phase we use a number of transformation tools such as design and change workshops, personal and team coaching, personalised learning playbooks, skills training, leadership development, management balance sheets and responsibility frameworks.

One of the early deliverables from this phase is the ‘Perception to Reality Road Map’. This will drive the project planning process and will outline each step needed in your journey towards your target workplace.

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In this phase we use a number of the tools first deployed in the analysis phase to check progress and measure the impact of the implementation.

We work with you to help you define measurement and reporting frameworks that can be used to determine the RoI of the transformed organisation.

It is important to understand that this is an ongoing cycle. Organisations constantly need to change and update themselves if they are to stay current and deliver an In-Flow workplace for an extended period of time. The tools and techniques acquired during the first journey round the life cycle can be used to continually check progress and to identify further, incremental, changes as required.

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